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In 2010, we wanted to give the market a fresh and creative twist to established classics, so we founded Illesteva. Handmade in family-run factories in Italy and France and designed in New York, we wanted to give a modern edge to classic shapes by integrating contemporary materials. We aim to bring together experimental designs and highest quality materials.


In 2010, we felt the market needed a fresh twist on classic sunglasses, so we founded Illesteva. We wanted to give a modern edge to classic shapes by integrating contemporary materials. We work with the leading manufacturers of luxury eyewear, with handmade production in some of the smallest family-owned factories in Italy and France for all of our frames. With no two being alike, our sunglasses push the limits of modern design while retaining high-quality craftsmanship. Our aim is to also bring comfort to a modernized and revisited classic. We offer a selection of frames for every face shape. With clean lines and modern shapes, we update classic frames. We want you to express your individuality with our statement shades. All our pairs are handmade of customized acetate and carry a selection of color combinations, all of which are blended by hand. This is why, every pair is handmade so no two are alike. Two pairs can never have an identical pattern, which is why each pair is individually inspected to ensure they meet our quality standards. We believe in handmade craftsmanship so much, we decided to develop a line of leather goods and umbrellas that survive age and time. As we do with our glasses, we design our accessories with a modern mindset for a simple and practical outcome.

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