If You Accidentally Started Dating On February 7

We feel your pain. You had a good first date, then you looked at your calendar and realized the Rookie mistake. You don’t want to wait another week to see them again, but the pressure of a Valentine’s Day second date is no joke. We love us some Fiola Mare, and that seafood tower is the eighth wonder of the world, but maybe save that for date #3 and go a little more low-key for this one. Try The Sovereign for a gigantic beer selection and dim lighting, Good Stuff Eatery for an affordable but ahh-mazing burger, and Gypsy Sally’s for live, unpretentious music.



If You're Single and Ready to Treat Yo'Self

You don’t have to compromise on one ounce of your night. That’s #blessed. Start by ordering the messiest meal you can think of—ramen with a side of ribs, anyone? No one’s looking, so you do you. After multiple desserts, lean into the stereotype and cuddle a bunch of cats at Crumbs & Whiskers. End your night in with a movie in one of those clouds moonlighting as recliner seats at the AMC theater. That armrest? All yours.


If You're A History Nerd...Err...Buff

One of DC’s favorite couples, John and Jackie Kennedy, got engaged at Martin’s Tavern—and that’s just one piece of the infamous history at this neighborhood favorite. Important caveat: If you take your significant other there for Valentine’s Day, and you reserve the Proposal Booth, expect that they’re probably expecting something. If a ring isn’t on the agenda, try a self-guided walking tour of the old Kennedy homes in Georgetown’s residential neighborhood—a route as charming and romantic as it is historical.



If You're Making Up For Last Year's Valentine's Day

Think back to 2017. If you were frantically scouring the CVS card aisle at 11 p.m. on February 13, we’re looking at you. Pull out all the stops this year with an itinerary that says, ‘I love you,’ but also, ‘I’m sorry.’ Time to play that Fiola Mare card, or try super romantic Ristorante Piccolo, Bourbon Steak, Chez Billy Sud, or 1789 (next to the fireplace, of course). Get some help from the City of Lights with a beautiful to-go box of Laduree’s macarons, and wind down with a night cap in the Ritz-Carlton Living Room. If you’re making up for two bad years, maybe splurge on a room and throw in a couples’ massage.



If You Filter Romance Through the Lens of The Notebook 

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird. We get it. It’ll be a little chilly for a bathing suit—even it’s one of those high-waisted olden days numbers—but you can still visit some real birds at Georgetown Waterfront Park. (We also don’t recommend splashing in the Potomac, but again, just look at the birds.) Make your way to Thomas Sweet and shove an ice cream cone in your honey’s face, and end the night with a slow dance in Cady’s Alley. Oh, and don’t forget to grab some stationary from Papyrus, Just Paper & Tea, or Paper Source. You’ll need it when you write to them every day for a year.



If You're Up For Something Active 

I, Tonya kinda took the romance out of ice skating, but as long as you aren’t going for gold, we still recommend a *chill* trip to Washington Harbour’s outdoor rink. In between triple axels, warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and a take a few selfies by the water. If you’re looking for an indoor activity, bounce back and forth between bowling at bocce at Pinstripes, where—best of all—you can eat and drink in between strikes. Feeling especially confident in your teamwork? Test your relationship at Escape Room Live, where you’ll have to solve a series of puzzles before time runs out. 



If Your Love Language Is Quality Time

There isn’t a right or wrong love language…but we all know this is one of the right ones. Just try defending Gifts. Thanks to The Bachelor, we also know that a shared activity or experience (plus copious glasses of champagne) is the fastest way to L-O-V-E. Get behind a different kind of wheel with an introductory class at Hinckley Pottery and live out all your Ghost fantasies—Unchained Melody not included. Via Umbria, Georgetown’s little corner of Italy, is also offering cooking, chocolate and cocktail-making classes to heat up the kitchen. If you’re both art lovers, head further up Wisconsin Avenue to Book Hill, where you can wander in and out of six beautiful galleries

For a full list of events and specials, check out our Valentine's Day page!