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Fete des Lumieres Georgetown's opening weekend welcomed hundreds of visitors to the Georgetown area. As one of Europe’s most celebrated festivals, the Fete des Lumieres or Festival of Lights, has been held annually in Lyon since 1852. FDLG was the first time that any of the Lyon installations have been exhibited in the United States. The festival kicked off December 13th and 14th, with the Ciudad Habitada installation continuing through December 20th, 6-10 pm each evening. Below is a listing of events that happened through the weekend.

FDL collage
FDLG opening party and meet the artists was
Friday December 13 at Malmaison, 3401 Water Street, NW with around 400 people in attendance.
Schedule and featured artists included:

Ciudad Habitada

 “Ciudad Habitada” presented by Travesias de Luz, a Spanish urban art collective led by creative director Luisa Alvarez. Ciudad Habitada features a collection of lit mannequins fashioned from transparent tape and other materials posed in everyday human activities. The mannequins will be in various locations along Thomas Jefferson Street NW throughout the week. December 13 through 20.



Larsen 3G” created by Fabien Bourdier of Blixlab (with Samuel Mathiou and Labomedia) and produced by Merryl Messaoudi of Crossed Lab. Larsen 3G is an interactive video installation, projecting images and messages submitted by visitors from their mobile devices onto surrounding architecture. Larsen 3G will be displayed in the courtyard of JBG’s Jefferson Court office building at 1025 Thomas Jefferson St. NW. Opening Weekend Only: December 13 and 14.


Zodiac” presented by Chloe Yaiche. Mixing sound and video, Zodiac shows shining images of 12 world cities as constellations inspired by NASA satellite imagery. On Thomas Jefferson Street NW. Opening Weekend Only: December 13 and 14.



The Speaktree” presented by Lucion Media of Montreal, Canada. The Speaktree is an interactive tree inside an inflated vinyl bubble. Visitors will send text messages or questions that will be illuminated along the tree’s virtual branches. The Speaktree will be on display on the lawn at Grace Church, 1041 Wisconsin Ave. NW. Opening Weekend Only: December 13 and 14. 


Floating Lightspresented by Travesias de Luz. This interactive display features a 10 ft by 32 ft wall of colored light tubes. Due to technical and weather complications "Floating Lights" was not able to be presented. We hope to present it in the future.


Fetes des Lumieres Georgetown was presented by:

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