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Watercolor Paint Making with Earth Pigments

September 6, 2023 Weekly until December 13, 2023 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Washington Printmakers Gallery (1675 Wisconsin Ave NW)

Level: Beginner – Intermediate – Maximum 8 participants
Ages: 18+

Learn to process earth pigments for watercolor paint making and develop a personal palette of artist quality watercolor paints. In this class we will learn about foraging for pigments responsibly while developing a relationship to our natural surroundings. We will explore the unique properties of pigments, experimenting with paint texture, colors, and mark-making.

Through creating a personal palette, we will develop a body of work that conceptually engages with the materials. This class is perfect for someone looking to learn to create their own art materials using natural and locally sourced materials.


Overview of Projects

Process Journal

– Take notes on methods, materials, and recipes

– Record material tests and create compositional sketches. Building a Personal Palette

– Forage for pigments to create paints. Paint colors will vary based on pigment sources (soil, clay, rocks, charcoal, etc.). Fill the half pans in a watercolor travel palette with handmade paints.


Project 1: Single Pigment Paintings

– Learn how to process and prepare pigments for paint-making and make watercolor paint. Properties and unique qualities of a single pigment.


Project 2: Foraging for Pigments

– Responsibly forage for three pigment sources for paint-making.

– Use these pigments to create at least one painting on 10” x 22” paper that relates to the location the items were found or the source itself.


Project 3: Painting on Watercolor Ground

– Use handmade watercolors on surfaces other than paper using Daniel Smith Watercolor

Ground. Can paint on found objects, canvas, wood panel, metal etc. Create 2 or more paintings depending on size and material.


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