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“This Land” All-Member Group Exhibition

August 27, 2023 Daily until August 27, 2023 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Washington Printmakers Gallery (1675 Wisconsin Ave NW)

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 5, 2 pm – 5 pm

This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land. . . – diving into the words of Woodie Guthrie’s iconic song –

August is a golden month. Many have left home and are exploring our country, whether in National Parks, at the seashore, or in other hidden corners of this nation. It is a time to reflect on the beauty and complexity of America. Woody Guthrie’s famous song, This Land is Your Land, speaks of this beauty with his iconic words, which Bruce Springsteen once said comprise “the greatest song ever written about America.”

Composed in 1940, the song has often been described as a patriotic anthem, and its words do glitter across the page. But there is a deeper meaning, one that conjures up thoughts that not all Americans feel the blessings of this land in equal measure.

Our printmakers and photographers offer their views of Guthrie’s ballad, each from a personal perspective. This rich collection of images promises to make you reflect on our country’s glory as we look deeper into our souls.

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