District Film Co.

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District Film Co. makes films that capture the essence of our clients’ brands. We convey the heart and soul of companies and organizations. We find and tell narratives that resonate. Our brand films are not conventional marketing or promotional videos, but works of art that help our clients share their passion and stories with the world. They are the missing component in our clients’ communications—that elusive, often intangible impression that makes people fall in love with a product or business. They are informative, intriguing, inspiring, and human. 

Marco Javier and Lauren Hassani form the core of District. We have nearly three decades of combined experience in the design and advertising industries, and have filled many roles: creative director, designer, photographer, and copywriter. Eight of those years were spent working together, collaborating on award-winning projects, and successfully guiding and shaping the communications of clients large and small. To find out more about our work at District Film Co., visit our Journal. To learn more about our multidisciplinary design studio, visit us at Ultra

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