The medal stand is for a select few, but everyone can come out and play in Georgetown.  

There are 28 sports categories in this summer’s international quest for the gold and, by George, we’ve got you covered in this town. Sure, some of our suggestions are a bit of a stretch—but so is an event solely dedicated to trampoline gymnastics. 

Now through Sunday, August 21, post a picture of yourself going for the glory in one of our activities below, tag our applicable social media page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and include #georgetowngames for the chance to win some amazing gold, silver or bronze fitness and recreational prize packages! 

So first things first, let’s talk about your opening ceremony. Instead of lighting the famous flame, we suggest getting your crème brulee doughnut torched at District Doughnut. You’re about to get in a serious workout; carbo loading is required.

Now on to the games…

01. Aquatics

Make some waves of your own in the dedicated lap lane at the Volta Park outdoor swimming pool. Located one block off Wisconsin Avenue, the pool is open Tuesday-Sunday and free to District residents. Also strongly encouraged: Running through the fountains at Georgetown Waterfront Park.  

02. Archery

Calling all Katniss Everdeens. Too dated a reference in 2016? Regardless, the Georgetown University Archery Club completed its inaugural season in May, so you may start seeing more bows and arrows nearby.  

03. Athletics

Admittedly, we had to Google this one. (Everything is seemingly “athletics,” no?) Officially, we’re talking all things running, jumping, et al. While we’d advise against launching a javelin into the Potomac, we encourage stopping by The North Face for proper attire—and then running your heart out on the C&O Canal Towpath and Capital Crescent Trails heading west, or the Rock Creek Park Trail traveling north from the Georgetown waterfront. 

04. Badminton

If you’ve got a friend, two badminton racquets and a shuttlecock (we didn’t come up with the name), you’ve got yourselves a game at Georgetown Waterfront Park. A net is a bonus.   

05. Basketball

Both Volta Park and Rose Park have outdoor, public courts primed to nurture the Dream Team, 2.0. 

06. Boxing

Located at 3271 M St NW, /kinesis/ offers one-on-one boxing training that focuses on both technique and form, as well as strength and conditioning. 

07. Canoeing

Key Bridge Boathouse (under the—you guessed it—Key Bridge) has canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards for rent. You’ll also be hard pressed to find a more Instagram-worthy activity.

08. Cycling

It’s a biker’s paradise in Georgetown, with the Mount Vernon Trail, Capital Crescent Trail and C&O Towpath all converging along the Potomac. Get a fresh set of wheels at Big Wheel Bikes, Bicycle Pro Shop or Revolution Cycles, or visit one of Capital Bikeshare’s six stations. Afterward, use our bike parking map and spend some time on foot. If traditional biking isn’t your thing, SoulCycle Georgetown has you covered.

09. Equestrian

The Washington International Horse Show—one of the oldest and most prestigious equestrian sporting events in the U.S.—doesn’t take place until October, but its headquarters are right here in Georgetown. Plenty of time to saddle up to a new hobby.

10. Fencing

As it turns out, Georgetown University has a club for EVERYTHING—fencing included. Or you could take the more literal approach with a stroll through our historic residential streets to admire many a fine fence and gate. Let's be real—we're not all athletes. 

11. Field Hockey

The Georgetown University field hockey team has a handful of away games this month before their home opener on September 9. If you’re really dedicated, check out their exhibition game August 17 at Lehigh. Bethlehem, Pa., is the Rio of the United States, as they say.

12. Football

No, not that football—the other kind. Swing by the Nike store for a fresh pair of soccer cleats and meet your friends at one of Georgetown's parks for a pick-up game. If you simply can't accept the terminology, we won't stop you from buying a pigskin. 

13. Golf

Looking good on the golf course is half the battle. Visit Georgetown's apparel stores for the par-fect (couldn't resist) tee time attire before heading to East Potomac Golf Course & Driving Range.  

14. Gymnastics

Think of pilates, yoga and barre as gymnastics without the unflattering leotard. From CorePower Yoga to Fuel PilatesYoga Del Sol, barre3 DC and Down Dog Yoga, Georgetown is flexible about where you go to get that way. 

15. Handball

Essentially, it’s like soccer, except you’re using your hands instead of your feet. Alternatively, you could just play Pokemon Go. According to our gaming insiders, the Georgetown waterfront is crawling with Growlithes, which evolve into Arcanine. If that last sentence isn’t total jibberish to you, you’re probably halfway to the Key Bridge as we speak.

16. Judo

Instead of taking on a human in this Japanese modern martial art, head to the Exorcist stairs and go straight for the demons.

17. Modern Pentathlon 

Fencing, swimming, horse riding, shooting and running; we’re exhausted just typing it. Instead, let’s take a little creative license and suggest an ice cream pentathlon from one of Georgetown’s many shops. The real challenge: Can you pick just five flavors?

18. Rowing

Look no further than the Georgetown waterfront. Thompson’s Boat Center offers community and recreational rowing programs for all ages and experience levels.  

19. Rugby Sevens

Walk around town long enough and you’re bound to see at least seven men in rugby shirts.

20. Sailing

Grab a pair of boat shoes at Vineyard Vines, make friends with someone who owns a sail boat—which shouldn’t be terribly difficult in Georgetown—and off you go. 

21. Shooting

Try the Georgetown version: Shooting the breeze at your favorite neighborhood watering hole, park bench or café. In addition to live streaming the Olympics, ENO Wine Bar is offering a Local Olympian wine flight and Road to Rio cheese flight in honor of the 28 Maryland, Viriginia and D.C. athletes competing this summer. You can also head to RiRa Irish Pub for Rio-inspired food and signature drinks while watching the games on the big screen. 

22. Table Tennis

Open to Georgetown University students and members, Yates Field House includes table tennis facilities. Chances are, so does one of your friend’s basements. 

23. Taekwondo

Essentially, taekwondo involves a lot of kicking and hitting. If you have a toddler, this likely describes every shopping trip you ever take with them. We've got you covered: Just snap a picture of yourself shopping in Georgetown with your toddler in tow. You all deserve medals.

24. Tennis

From the outdoor courts at Montrose and Volta Parks to Georgetown University’s indoor facilities, there’s no shortage of ‘love’ in this neighborhood.

25. Triathlon 

The Nation’s Triathlon—the bike portion of which moves through Georgetown—isn’t until September, but why not run, bike and swim your own course?! You can even cut some of the distance out; we won’t tell anyone.

26. Volleyball

Follow the waterfront to the sand volleyball courts by the Lincoln Memorial and serve something spiked. 

27. Weightlifting 

Lifting all your bags after a day spent shopping on M Street should provide enough grunting for the gold. With one of the most renowned retail streets in the country, we guarantee a personal best. Pre-shopping strength training at Fitness Together recommended. 

28. Wrestling 

Eat a Baked & Wired ice cream sandwich in front of a friend.