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Pure Sweat + Float Studio Opens in Georgetown

General   •   March 28, 2024

Pure Sweat + Float Studio opened this week at 3345 Prospect St NW with an infrared sauna and float therapy. According to the website, the full-spectrum infrared sauna therapy offers far, mid, and near-infrared wavelengths to warm your body at a cellular level. Each wavelength targets a different part of the body to release specific health benefits, from detoxification, to pain relief, and improved circulation. Over on the float therapy side of things, you can harness the power of weightlessness, total stillness, and 1,000 pounds of magnesium-rich Epsom salt water to lower stress hormones, replenish neurotransmitters, and release endorphins, which induce ultra-deep relaxation. For a limited time the studio is offering Founding Memberships at a discounted rate. Additionally, grand opening specials include an intro three-pack of the infrared saunas or 40-minute floats, or a detox + de-stress combo.

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