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Meet the ‘Rainbow’ Artist During Pride Month

General   •   June 4, 2021

The Weight of A Rainbow – one of five Georgetown GLOW outdoor light art installations on display through June 27 – consists of suspended rainbow lights that illuminate the Georgetown Park Plaza alleyway. As you approach the artwork, sound fills the space, drawing the viewer further into the installation. A collective a cappella choir of eight LGBTQ+ voices tell their stories through accompanied song. The lights are programmed to mimic the movement of the voices, creating a complete and total experience for the viewer as they are engulfed in both the possibility and the weight of a rainbow.

On Saturday, June 12 from 7 pm – 9 pm, artist Stephanie Mercedes will be onsite at her installation to answer questions and share more about her piece as part of GLOW’s Meet the Artist series. Visit our GLOW website to learn more.

Photo by @wwwchris

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