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GLOW Light Art Experience Starts November 26

General   •   November 22, 2022

Our 8th edition of Georgetown GLOW begins on Saturday, November 26, featuring five light art installations lit nightly throughout the commercial district. The installation pictured below is The Cloud Swing – is a series of swings suspended from three glowing cloud structures that will located in East Market Lane (3276 M St NW), in which color and light are created as people engage with the artwork and swing through the air. If a swing is unoccupied, the cloud above it will emanate a steady white glow. Once someone begins to swing, the transformation begins, and the white glow is replaced by vibrant colors that become more saturated as the swing moves faster. New Orleans-based Lindsay Glatz & Curious Form are the artists behind the installation; their goal is to provide a sense of nostalgic joy and connect participants to childhood delights and the wonders of simple play.

Visit the GLOW website for details on each installation and artist, a map, and more GLOW programming. The exhibition runs through January 22.

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