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New Visitor Marketing Campaign Launches

General   •   June 23, 2021

The Georgetown BID has launched a 2021 visitor marketing campaign, Exactly What You Weren’t Expecting, highlighting the neighborhood’s transformation as DC reopens, and its unexpected people, places, and things. The campaign is part of
the BID’s economic recovery plan to bring visitors back to a stronger Georgetown than before the pandemic.

“Georgetown is an ever-evolving feast; an experience you won’t find anywhere else in DC,” said Nancy Miyahira, Georgetown BID Vice President & Director of Marketing. “From outdoor streateries at 43 restaurants, to wider sidewalks, public art experiences, and more than 20 new restaurant and retail openings since the start of the pandemic, this campaign invites people to come to Georgetown for one thing, and discover something else entirely. More broadly, we also hope this campaign strengthens the city’s overall recovery by bringing more people back to DC. We all play a role in reintroducing visitors to this city we love, and that starts in each of our neighborhoods.”

Exactly What Your Weren’t Expecting will run on digital marketing channels and local radio. The campaign microsite,, includes 17 Unexpected Georgetown Experiences – a new guide for those who haven’t been to Georgetown in a while and are eager to explore.

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