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Georgetown Decks Sidewalk Widening to Debut in April

General   •   April 2, 2021

Beginning mid-April, the Georgetown BID is installing approximately 4,000 linear feet of sidewalk deck panels throughout the commercial district – finally offering more places to stop dead in the middle of the sidewalk to answer a text. The Georgetown Decks (prototype above) will create more space for everyone on Georgetown’s narrow sidewalks, encouraging social distancing, supporting outdoor dining, and creating a livelier and more inviting pedestrian experience, with the potential for future activations and programming within the space.

Around mid-May, all panels are expected to be installed on M Street between 34th Street and 29th Street, and on Wisconsin Avenue between Q Street and the Canal. The Georgetown Decks pilot will be in place through December 31, 2021; if the project is successful and the community wants to keep the extensions in place beyond 2021, we’ll go through another permitting process to keep them up longer. Check out our website for more info, and stay tuned as the Georgetown Decks are installed.


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