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Baked&Wired Celebrates 20 Years in Georgetown

General   •   April 23, 2021

A big congrats to Baked&Wired, the beloved Georgetown bakery that’s celebrating 20 years in business this week!

Owners Tony and Teresa Velazquez have owned the space on Thomas Jefferson Street since 1980, but the frosting frenzy didn’t come until later. Tony’s first introduction to Georgetown was as an architect. After meeting and falling in love with Teresa, the couple opened a graphics store called Zap. In 2001 – with both the market and their personal interests changing – they started carving out more and more space for a bakery and coffee shop inside the building. In 2007, the only thing that remained of Zap was the sign outside—still there today.

Twenty years later, Saturday morning lines down the block are a regular occurrence. Fights have broken out over their cakecups. And let’s not forget the other menu highlights, like beestings and ice cream sammies. For more behind-the-scenes of the family owned bakery, check out our interview with Tony and Teresa from a few years ago.

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