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Robin’s Gallery

1054 31st Street Northwest
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Robin Sutliff, a local Washingtonian has been producing art for a majority of her life. Using acrylic and resin on multiple mediums that include metal, canvas, glass and paper, she puts forth her emotional perspective as it manifests at the time of creation. The outcome of her vision has been a series of moving and visually compelling artworks. As an artist, she favors rich colors, abstract minimalism, compositions that evoke the essence of nature and creations that evoke a unique spirit and response from each individual. Her paintings are emotional manifestations and visceral metaphors gained through her personal experiences. Her body of work looks at the timely changes in nature and in turn, her feelings are conveyed through her creations. Robin’s collection, Winter Whites is inspired by cooler temperatures and the pause necessary before Spring’s return. Robin is a lover of rich textures fused with abstract minimalism and compositions that evoke the essence of nature and creations that invite the viewers inner glow to converse. Inspired by her love of spiritual places, the heartbeat of nature and her cascading positivity, Robin's work shares reflections of color, poetry, movement, and a simple truth, that we can only convey beauty as we interpret it." This collection has been created with acrylic, paints hand mixed pigments and resin on canvas. Shows include: • Robin’s Gallery 2023 • Gallery Window 2023 •Resonate, L’Enfant Gallery Spring 2023 •Spring Dream, Darlington House 2019 WATERfall 2019 •Angel in the Architecture, Darlington House 2018• •House of Sweden 2016 Robinsutliffcreative@gmail.com 202.774.7220 www.robinsutliff.artstorefronts.com Instagram @artrobindc

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