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New Art Sculpture on Display in Book Hill

General   •   October 6, 2021

ABCDC is our most recent public art addition! Created by Jesse Kirsch for Art in Bloom, the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s 2021 public art exhibition, the sculpture will now reside permanently in Georgetown. The piece was inspired by antique wood type from the world of letterpress and the alphabetized streets of DC. Each letterform has a unique shape and history – much like the city, its iconic cherry blossoms, and its people. A hidden message among the jumble of letters aims to bring viewers hope for a better day to come. Head to 1666 Wisconsin Ave NW and get your photo opp sitting in the petal.

For more unexpected pops of color, unique origin stories, and Instagram-worthy backdrops, use our Georgetown Murals and Public Art Guide to take a self-guided tour of the pieces that are bringing new life to our bricks, buildings, and public spaces.

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