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‘DreamWakers’ Founder Helping Low-Income Students Nationwide

General   •   March 7, 2020

“Kids can’t be what they can’t see,” says Monica Gray Logothetis, the co-founder and chairwoman of DreamWakers — a national nonprofit headquartered in Georgetown that harnesses technology to close the career opportunity gap. Through DreamWakers, rural and urban low-income communities are introduced to professionals in a breadth of careers. “By the age of six, low-income students spend 1,300 fewer hours outside of their home than their affluent peers, and this means they spend much less time in learning environments like museums, parks, and other cultural touchstones. It’s really hard to know about different professionals if you’re not exposed to them.”

In this byGeorge blog, Monica shares how DreamWakers was born over a slice of pizza in Dupont Circle, why it’s critical for students to see professionals of the same race and socio-economic background — particularly in a STEM field or politics, and her ambitious goal for 2020.

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