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MAJORS & MAKERS | Carina Tenaglia Fine Art

September 14, 2021 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Shop Made in DC (1353 Wisconsin Ave NW)

Majors and Makers is a lecture series to educate students at our local colleges on entrepreneurship and careers! Learn from the makers in our stores about how they got started, where they went to school and how their education helped them get to where they are today! Some are makers full time, some have a 9-5PM job, but they’re all part of our maker community. The goal of these lectures are to inspire and educate the next generation of makers in the DC area!

WHO: Carina Tenaglia
BUSINESS: Carina Tenaglia Fine Art
UNIVERSITY: Florida State University / GW Law School
MAJOR/MINOR: Business Management & International Affairs
TICKET PRICE: $5/ticket – pre-registration available on

ABOUT THE ARTIST: I’m an acrylic painting-based abstract artist in the DMV area, inspired by texture, metallic, and current events. I aim to create depth in my pieces and bright to light certain themes of social justice in much of my work. I majored in business management and international affairs, and attended law school. Obtaining a background in the business field and learning the nuances of contracts has helped me broadly in my artistic career.

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