Hela Spa

  • 3209 M St NW
  • Telephone: 202-333-4445
  • Fax: 202-318-1278
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In Swedish, hela means whole, entire, or complete. In Washington, D.C., hela spa means a holistic approach to beauty and wellness focused on the results you want. By blending our medical expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and classic pampering, we create customized aesthetic treatments that respond to all your needs. Hela is committed current and prospective clients, ensuring that any treatment you choose at Hela is what you need, is fun, and is safe.

The Hela Experience: Simplicity. Personality. Integrity. These three words mean more than just their dictionary definitions. They represent the core values of Hela Spa. You’ll see simplicity, personality, and integrity manifested in dozens of little ways throughout your whole experience here. You might realize it from the first phone call or just before your treatment begins, but by the end of your first visit, you’ll know….