David Pellegrini PHD

  • 1010 Wisconsin Ave NW
  • Suite 505
  • Telephone: 202-333-1711
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David Pellegrini draws on more than 30 years of experience and learning in the practice and teaching of individual, group, and couples therapy. He works with a broad variety of adult clients, whose circumstances are quite varied. Nevertheless, they generally share a common aspiration ~ to discover within themselves a more vital, passionate, and creative approach to meeting life's challenges. His intentions as a therapist is to establish ~ through active engagement, compassion, humor and insight ~ a safe and authentic collaboration in pursuit of ones aspirations for growth and personal fulfillment. Pellegrini's  approach integrates elements of the best, well-established therapeutic approaches, tailored to your unique needs and challenges.
In addition to his therapy practice, he consults to businesses and mission-driven nonprofits. Maximizing career effectiveness and fulfillment are areas of special expertise and interest. As an avid oil painter and photographer, he also especially interested in issues related to creative expression and fulfillment.

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