Hugh & Crye

  • 3212 O Street NW
  • Hours: Weekdays 10a to 7p, Weekends 12p to 6p
  • Telephone: 202-250-3807
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Hugh & Crye is an online retailer of better-fitting menswear, based in Washington, DC. We launched in December of 2009, in a 10'x10' subleased office space in Georgetown, just a few blocks away from our current offices and showroom.

Hugh & Crye is a play on the term ‘hue and cry.’ In medieval England, civilians who were witness to a crime were bound by common law to exercise hue and cry, a clamor of protest, to apprehend the criminal and bring him to justice. The term can also be understood as ‘seeing something wrong in the world, and doing something about it.' Our modified spelling is meant to evoke the feeling of old world England in two surnames of likely entitlement. Of course, this is tongue-in-cheek as we come from humble beginnings, diverse ethnic backgrounds and, most importantly, our shirts are priced much more reasonably than their European counterparts, without sacrificing quality.

Our mandate, then, is a call to action against ill-fitting, ready-made shirts, overpriced custom-tailored shirts, and unsustainable clothing and manufacturing practices with adverse environmental and social impact.

Yes, we are a clothing company. But we didn't start with a factory. We started with a point of view.

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