Simit + Smith

Simit is a traditional bread eaten throughout the Balkans and Mediterranean for breakfast and as a snack during the day. Often called a “Turkish Bagel,”  Simit are actually softer and lighter on the inside and crunchier on the outside than a bagel.

Enjoying a warm, freshly baked Simit from the Simitçi (street simit vendors) of Istanbul is an unmatched pleasure. We believe the love of healthy, crispy and delicious Simit is deserved to be shared with today's global citizens, who are looking to touch roots with healthy, natural, locally prepared foods. At our cafés we serve our Simit on their own, with dips, along salads or made into sandwiches.

Each SIMIT + SMITH Simit is hand-rolled by Artisans at our local factory and always freshly baked with no preservatives. We have three varieties: original with sesame, whole wheat with sesame, and multigrain. We also offer a variety of other regional pastries known as po─čaça (pronounced po-acha) and treats. As we grow we will introduce other delicious regional breads, and recipes so please keep coming back to see what is new!

We are here for those who call the US their home away from home, who have seen Simit on their travels, who are adventurous and want to try a new product, or who are looking for a healthy alternative to traditional bread items.