Paniq Room

We believe that “Flow Is King”. The concept of flow became our core value and we trigger this fascinating feeling by creating a game that is very immersive and that really wows our guests. We are working hard on making our brand and this new form of live entertainment viral in the United States. The point of an escape room game is for a team to escape from locked rooms within a specified time period – 60 minutes at PanIQ Room. Our games are inspired and developed based on the flow experience, which is the synonym of “being in the zone” in positive psychology, as Hungarian-born Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, the father of the theory puts it:  “Flow is completely focused motivation”. The experience takes away players’ real life worries and places them in a different world. If looking for something unique that will entertain both adults and kids then live escape room games are a perfect choice for spending quality time together. Escape games guarantee an unforgettable experience for friends, couples, families, birthday parties and corporate team building events.

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