Georgetown BID
Georgetown 2028 15 Year Action Plan
Georgetown 2028, a strategic approach to build an economically stronger and more sustainable Georgetown commercial district, was launched in April 2013 by the Georgetown Business Improvement District. 

The goal, simply put, was to bring together a disparate group of community members to collaborate on the steps that would enhance the Georgetown experience for our visitors, residents, business owners and the people who work here. After more than 100 hours of meetings that engaged more than 200 members of our professional and residential community, a consensus plan was reached which includes 75 recommendations to address pressing transportation issues, enhance public space, reduce office vacancies and attract more unique shops and restaurants.

The resulting Georgetown 2028 Plan and Action Agenda can be read here



The Transportation Appendix details the 44 transit recommendations. The Public Space Appendix provides details on examples and ideas that were discussed by the Public Space Working Group during development of the plan.

+ Georgetown 2028 Final Transportation Appendix

+ Georgetown 2028 Public Space Appendix

To learn more about the current status of Georgetown 2028’s Action Agenda recommendations, click here